Something I really love…


Cows are adorable creatures.

They’re the best and I love them so much

Once I see a cow I can guarantee you that I’ll be taking pictures of it for the next 30 minutes. My favourite country to take cow pictures is Switzerland. There’s an abundance of cows, and a large variety of them as well. I used to go hiking just for the purpose of taking pictures of cows.  As disgusting as it may sound, I don’t even find the smell of cow manure that bad.

Compared to the cows in Switzerland (and the rest of Europe in general), the cows in Japan can get a little boring because you only ever come across the classic black and white cows. Plus, the transportation fee to simply see the cows are ridiculously expensive if you live in Tokyo.

Totally random, but whenever I see cows I always mentally sing this song.

Question of the post:

Have you been convinced that cows are absolutely adorable? Or were you already aware of their cuteness?

Until Next Time,